First Vienna Macro workshop on Current Topics in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

at the I.H.S. Vienna

Organized by

David Andolfatto (SFU)
Martin Gervais (UWO)
Gabe Lee (Regenburg and IHS)

October 1-2, 2004

Last Update: September 22, 2004

The goal of  this two-day workshop is to cover a wide range of current issues in macroeconomic theory and policy. The workshop will provide an ideal venue for those interested in presenting preliminary ideas and receiving comments from an eclectic group of researchers. We're aiming to have an open enviroment where new ideas could be freely exchanged.

For accommodation, contact, how to get to the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna., etc,
For other information, please contact Ms. Beatrix Pawelczak at
Department of Economics and Finance
Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)
Stumpergasse 56 1060 Vienna, Austria Tel. +43-(0)1-59991-145 Fax. +43(0)1-59991-163 Email:

For comments and suggestions, please send us an email:    or

Here is the list of  presenters (with paper/abstract), discussants and participants as of September 22, 2004

  Program Schedule

* = Presenter
Other Possible Participants/Discussants:  Martin Gervais (UWO), Jamsheed Shorish (IHS), Emilio Espino (IHS), Thomas Hintermaier (IHS),  Gerhard Sorger (Wien),  Leo Kaas(?) (Konstanz), Christos Koulovatianos (Wien), Vally Koubi (Bern, ETHZ), Klaus Edenhoffer (Regensburg), Johann Scharler (Austrian National Bank), Johannes Gruber (Regensburg), Edi Hochreiter (Austrian National Bank), Klaus Ritzberger (IHS)